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The Edible Country Falkenberg

Halland’s coastline is the perfect location for those who long for a genuine nature experience. Whether you wish to venture out on exciting adventures or simply enjoy the tranquility, you have come to the right place. Halland is also a gastronomic destination offering world class flavours. Welcome to an unforgettable combined food, drink and nature experience. 

Dryckesprovning, närbild på glas och flaskor.

The Drinkable Country

The Edible Country, the world's largest DIY gourmet restaurant, is now being expanded to also include world-class drink experiences!

Choose from the following options:

Beverage tasting - guided

Syster Sur is a brand by Berthag Beverages Group AB that makes fermented beverages. All production is small scale and craft brewed in a micro brewery by the sea in Ugglarp, Halland. They use local fruit, berries and herbs to get extraordinary flavors to their beverages. At Syster Sur you'll find kombucha and session beers.

Together with Syster Sur you will taste several kombucha at the table. They will tell you about the history of fermented beverages and how they brew them. There will be about 6 different flavors at each tasting.

You will dive deeper into the different ingredients in the actual beverages and together blend drinks with them to combine even more flavors and get a amazing and intimate beverage tasting.

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Beverage tasting - DIY

You will pick up your DIY kit with several different beverages and accessories at the pick up point near the table. You will have access to printed and digital information about the history of Syster Sur's fermented beverages and how they brew them. There will be about 6 different flavors at each tasting.

You will dive deeper into the different ingredients in the actual beverages and together blend drinks with them to combine even more flavors and get a amazing DIY beverage tasting.

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Gäster vid bordet, med kocken framför.

The Edible Country

Choose from the following options:

Cook with a local

This is an unusual food experience where you will also be invited to participate in the cooking. You book a table, a multi-couse dinner, chef and knowledge, all in one package. Susanne Ottosson lives in nearby Eftra and has a strong interest in food. Susanne will come to the table at your appointed time and she will bring all the equipment and ingredients, which almost all are locally produced. Susanne is passionate to cook by season and use imagination, aroma and taste to do so. Count on getting some smart tips. She will also tell you exciting stories from the neighborhood during the meal.

You can buy a drink package, wherewe, with the help of the bartender Josefine at Bar Bruno in Gothenburg, have produced a number of non-alcoholic drinks from the edible around the beach and sea.

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Do It Yourself - Edible

Want to do the cooking yourself? Book a basket of super fresh ingredients, all tools for preparing the food, loan of prime stove, coffee/tea and a complementary sweet.

The ingredients vary according to the season and are locally produced in Falkenberg. Some of the edible plants in the basket also grow wild at the beach. A recipe is also included in the basket to be on the safe side. Who knows, perhaps you will cook food that is completely new to you!

Whatever your level of knowledge, you will get a fantastic result. If nothing else, you will have done it all by yourself. Good luck!

Please note that it is your responsibility to prepare the ingredients correctly.

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Fyra personer står i ett grönt fält.

Nature walk with wild herbs

Learn more about our edible nature. On Fridays during summertime you can book a guided tour with founder Mikael Jidenholm, to learn about the crops at Ugglarps Grönt. He will also show you and encourage you taste the edible plants that grow wild at the beach. New taste experiences guaranteed!

Ugglarps Grönt is located a stone's throw from your table. Here, they grow their vegetables on salt-sprinkled fields right by the sea. They provides quality, knowledge and unique produce that can be traced from the field and grower to the shop, restaurant and consumer. Here, they are curious about exploring new products and are constantly developing their range. There is also a farm shop to pick up those locally grown greens.

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Telephone: +4670-190 20 90

Welcome to Falkenberg

Falkenberg is the right place for anyone who loves the sea. 13 kilometres of sandy beaches and an even longer coastline with cliffs, pine forests and beach meadows. Just south of the city is the small village Ugglarp, a summer idyll with its charming beaches and shallow waters. Here a table is placed, in the sweaping beach reed and salty winds, with surroundings full of interresting ingredients to pick. With beautiful sunsets and refreshing dips in the sea, we can ensure that you and your friends will have a unique experience here.

Flygbild över strand och hav.

Practical information about the table

You will be contacted after you made the reservation to determine the exact time for the dining experience.

Usually, you could make new friends during your time at the table as there are twelve spaces available to book and up to two groups at the same time. However, no more than one groups will be booked during the pandemic.

The table is bookable from May to September on various days depending of witch above offer you choose.

About the location

Parking and public toilets are located approx. 100 meters from your table. There is a beach in the area, which is accessible by car.

Don't forget your beach chair and swimwear! There is dog-friendly area on the beach, so please feel free to bring the dog.

Ugglarps campinglänk till annan webbplats is located in the adjacent bay with a summertime restaurant, adventure golf, camping shop, as well as a variety of accommodation options.

Further along the coast you will find the largest car and aircraft museum in northern Europe, Svedinoslänk till annan webbplats. It is well worth a visit if you have the time.


Please wear weather appropriate clothing, the sea breeze can be very blustery.

Cooking outdoors requires an element of caution to prevent fire from spreading to the environment. Keep an eye the weather conditions, current forecasts can be found here: SMHIlänk till annan webbplats

The Right of Public Access gives you the freedom to roam the Swedish countryside. But there are some things you must keep in mind. Learn more about The Right of Public Access.länk till annan webbplats

The Edible Country and Covid-19

Due to Covid-19 we follow the Swedish Public Health Agency´s recommendations. All stays take place outdoors. There is a hand washing station with water, soap, wet wipes and hand sanitizer.