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Good to know

Did you know that Falkenberg has several free hotspots? Or that you can borrow life jackets for free? Regardless of whether you are planning to visit Falkenberg in the near future or are already here, a little practical information is always helpful. You can find that here.

Getting to Falkenberg

Getting to Falkenberg is simple. Below is some practical information about different ways to get here.

Tips for outdoor activities

In the following, we have gathered some tips for visitors heading out into the nature of Falkenberg. Be sure to sit tight in the boat, and don’t forget your life jacket.


On, you can find most of the information you need about Falkenberg and the best it has to offer. However, sometimes it feels better having a map or brochure in your hand instead. Simply visit Falkenberg’s Tourist Information Office to pick up your map or brochure or fill in the form and we will send it to you. You can view all our brochures in PDF format on this page.

Free hotspots in Falkenberg

There are several free hotspots in Falkenberg where you can easily connect to the WiFi network. The network is called “FBG-internet”, and no password is required to sign in.

Falkenberg’s Tourist Information Office

We have lots of tips for tourists visiting Falkenberg. Click on the tourist information link or drop us a line - we would be happy to guide you towards a great number of unforgettable experiences. We can also help you book tickets to events in Falkenberg.

Turistinformation at Gekås, Ullared

Are you planning a shopping trip to Gekås Ullared? Swing by the new tourist information at level 3, by the restaurant, so we can give you the the best tips on what you can´t miss in Halland.

Turistinformationen i Fegen

During the summer months, you can drop by the tourist information office in Fegen and get tips for amazing outdoor excursions, comfortable accommodation and delicious eateries.

Falkenberg Library

In Falkenberg, you are always close to a good read. There are several physical libraries around the municipality, but also a mobile library with several stops along its route. Have a look at the route list to find your nearest stop.

If you get sick

There’s always a small chance that you may be unlucky and get sick or injured while during your travels. The following contains information about who to contact if you need medical assistance during your stay in Falkenberg.