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10 Musts in FBG

Every city has a landmark that must be immortalised with an image. Paris has the Eiffel Tower and London has Big Ben. Falkenberg has the Tullbron, the most beautiful stone bridge in Sweden. However, there are more unique experiences to be had here. We have gathered some of the locations that you won’t want to miss upon your visit.

Familj på stranden.


Few Swedish municipalities have as much beach front as Falkenberg. More than 13 km of our coast consists of sandy beaches and about 4 km consists of cliffs, rocks and coastal meadow. No matter whether you prefer sand between your toes, a picnic among grazing cows or spreading out you blanket against a sturdy rock, there is something here for everyone.

At the beginning of the 20th century, people began to make pilgrimages to Falkenberg for the invigorating change of environment, salt baths and relaxation. It was said that the sea had a powerful ability to cure and to strengthen, and the effect of the sea is certainly stronger than ever. Each year, a plenty of people visit our coast to recuperate and build up their strength, primarily in the summer, but also at other times of the year. Here you will find shallow and warm water breaks, kilometre-long boardwalks, cliffs and swimming docks. No matter whether you are visiting Falkenberg to cool down on a warm summer day or to watch the wild, powerful autumn waves in November, you will have beach experience that is hard to top anywhere else in our country.

Discover Falkenberg’s Beaches

Familj vid Tullbron.


Few landmarks are as associated with Falkenberg as Tullbron. The beautiful stone vault bridge that was built in the middle of the 18th century crosses the cascading Ätran and brings together the central and southern parts of Falkenberg. The name Tullbron, which means “toll bridge” comes from the fact that until 1914, one had to pay a toll to enter the city.

No matter the season or the weather, it stands there sturdy and safe. When everyday life in the city has its ups and downs, Tullbron remains steadfast like a reliable rock, a beautiful and well-liked monument for the city’s inhabitants and visitors. Millions of salmon have made their way under the bridge over the years, and at its southern footing, summer is celebrated each year with countless picnics, and on New Year’s Eve, the people of Falkenberg gather here to share in the memory and to look forward.

More about Tullbron

Varuhusets fasad.

Gekås Ullared

4.8 million visitors per year. Sales SEK 5.2 billion. Sweden’s strongest trademark and Sweden’s greatest visitor destination are what contribute to the department store each year being visited by more people than both Liseberg and Gröna Lund. There is no end to the fascination for Gekås in Ullared. Even the inhabitants of Ullared and Falkenberg still talk, almost 50 years since it began, with wonder and fascination over the Gekås phenomenon. The department store today has a floorspace of approximately 77 000 square metres and can accommodate about 7000 customers at one time, and TV programmes such as “Ullared” and “Ullared - The Hunt for the Big Time Seller” contribute to the popularity of the department store.

The naturally beautiful surroundings around Gekås has of course had help from the success of the department store, and now there are countless occupations, restaurants and overnight accommodations at this little location in the beautiful inland of Halland. High-altitude tracks, fishing opportunities and camping represent only a fraction of the activities in the town, and inside the department store there are currently restaurants, sports bars and a play area.

More about Gekås Ullared

Fyren på Morups Tånge.

Morups Tånge

The 210 hectare large and unbelievably beautiful nature reserve is regarded by many as Falkenberg’s most fantastic locations. Here, all at one, you can get much of what is typical for the Halland coastal landscape. This is where the wild, salty sea meets the grassy and sandy pasture land, beautiful flowers and nesting birds. The classic image of the grazing animals along the sea’s horizon is of course crowned by the Morups Tånge lighthouse, the stately lighthouse that has stood at the exact same place since 1840.

Ornithologists gather here with families with children along with strolling pensioners, and in spite of the 28-metre-high lighthouse’s lack of moving ability, it has both a lighthouse association and a Twitter account. If you have ever looked for a place where everything in the Ulf Lundell song “Öppna Landskap” fits in, this is where you will find it.

How to find Morups Tånge

Pojke i klätterställning.

The Ramparts (Vallarna)

It’s hard to believe that you are so close to the centre of Falkenberg when you are at the ramparts, called Vallarna. The area is found directly on the other side of Tullbro, at the south bank of Ätran. Here the salmon fishers try their luck, and around the Doctors’ Promenade, hundreds of inhabitants walk to enjoy the beautiful ambience. The ramparts are an oasis for all those located in Falkenberg, and here you will find beautiful nature, play areas, picnic areas, animals and everything else that makes the ramparts unique in a kind of wonderful symbiosis.

This is where leisurely parents make pilgrimage with their children and fast fitness-enthusiasts run along the exercise trail. The renowned open-air theatre mingles with root-digging pigs, beautiful walking paths around the flowing Ätran, disco golf, a skate park, a parkour park and much more. The ramparts are simply a perfect getaway destination when you are in Falkenberg, no matter whether you want to try out the outdoor gym, look at the shrubbery, play mini golf or rest under the large, calm oaks with a glass in your hand.

Visit the Ramparts

Ätran följer vägen mellan Askome och Gällared.

The Most Beautiful Road in Halland

The extent between Askome and Gällared has been named Halland’s most beautiful road. Here in the inland tracts of Halland, you can follow Ätran and Ätraforsdammen through approximately 15 km of incredibly beautiful landscape. It is often said that Halland is a miniature Sweden, and at this location this is very easy to understand.

The road is edged by sumptuous beauty and even the greatest road sceptic will find it hard not to surrender to its incredible atmosphere. The closer you get to Gällared, the denser the forest becomes, and here you will find a considerable richness in flora and fauna. Along the entire road, there a picnic spots with tables and benches, and if, for example, you are travelling from Falkenberg to Ullared, it is worth a little detour just to have a cup of coffee along this fantastic road.

Make an Excursion

Bild från butiken på RIAN Designmuseum.

Rian Design Museum

In Falkenberg old city, among the cobblestone streets and 19th century buildings, is Falkenberg Museum, currently called the RIAN Design Museum The house was built in 1865 using half-timbers and was originally used as a grain storage. Nowadays, this is where modern design meets interesting design history, and the museum café furthermore has a view over the cascading Ätran. Several exhibitions are arranged here each year, and guided tours, lectures and dramatised city walking tours are the sort of things on the programme. Entry to the ground floor of the Design Museum is free of charge, and moreover there is a children’s corner and children’s activities are arranged during school holidays.

Visit the Rian Design Museum

Doktorspromenaden utmed Ätran.

Doctors’ Promenade

Along the Ätran winds the Doctors’ Promenade, a relaxing walking trail whose original purpose today is stronger than ever. In 1861, the two-km-long promenade was complete, and it was city doctor Gustaf Adam Ehrengranath who, at his own expense, had the path laid in. He wanted to give the people of Falkenberg the opportunity to go for energetic and strengthening walks.

Now to this day, more than 150 years later, hundreds of people still, walk and run along the cascading Ätran each day. The powerful, serene and calm tree tops shade the promenade, the ducks are fed, the laughter from the open-air theatre at the ramparts echoes and the salmon jump in the river. Here you will feel a calm come over you, and the ever-present water help to create a powerful nature experience in spite of the proximity to the town centre. It is usually enough to explore the Doctor's Promenade once in order to get a visceral sense of what Doctor Ehrengranath wanted to achieve more than 150 years ago.

Take a Walk Here

Två tjejer ligger i poolen på The Retreat club.

The Retreat Club

Right where the famous beach reaches the majestic Kattegatt, you will find one of the most popular hotels in Sweden. Here you will be spoiled with a view that will remind you of paradise islands in the distance, and few things are as relaxing as a large sun that slowly sinks down below the horizon. What might possibly be more relaxing would be a visit to “The Retreat Club”, once of the most luxurious spa experiences in Sweden.

Here you will find 3000 square metres of pure enjoyment with pools, both indoor and outdoor, relaxing beds, saunas, open fireplaces, a large pool lounge and much more that will make your soul relax completely. This relatively newly renovated spa has obtain a number of prestigious distinctions and awards in recent times, and just lately, The Retreat Club, has been named “The best luxury resort in Europe”, at the international gala, the “World Luxury Spa Awards”.

Take Me to The Retreat Club

Pizza framför stenugnen på Lilla Napoli.

Lilla Napoli

On the south side of Ätran is a little pizzeria that has taken the world by storm. Lilla Napoli houses an old kiosk right next to a car workshop and the unassuming façade really reveals nothing about the treasures served within its walls.

Here we meet Ville and Besmir, two ordinary fellows who in recent years have spent all their waking hours trying to put together the perfect Neapolitan pizza. Thousands of pizza doughs were kneaded to perfections, field trips had been made to Naples and all the world's tomatoes were examined to the tiniest detail. The self-critical and humble staff make no bones about their focus not being on décor, comfort or service. Here they close once the dough runs out, and if some day the dough does not live up to the fellows’ tough examination - they won’t open at all. Here you will see a dedication that you have seldom seen before. The focus is simply on serving you with the best Neapolitan pizza experience possible.

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