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Ugglarps Grönt

This vegetable farm in Ugglarp is located right where the sea and fertile soil of Halland meet. The farm has a shop. Ugglarps Grönt is one of Sweden’s most innovative creators of farmed products, which can be found in exclusive restaurants around the country.

Growing by the sea

Ugglarps Grönt’s greenhouses and field crops are located close to the beach and sea in Ugglarp. The farm’s objective is to provide quality, knowledge and unique products that can be traced from the field and grower to the shop, restaurant and consumer. The staff are in a constant process of developing new products that may eventually end up on your plate.

The farm shop

The farm shop sells fruit and vegetables all year round and has a particularly superb assortment during the June-September growing season. During the summer, the farm occasionally arranges ‘food walks’ where Mikael Jidenholm talks about farming, seeds and weeds and answers any questions the participants have.


  1. Strandgärdesvägen 9, Ugglarp