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Visiting Kärnebygd is like travelling in time. This is where those people who together founded Solskensfarmarna (the Sunshine Farmers) living in harmony with animals and nature, just as people did in the past. They bring forth the fines naturally grazed meat from Highland cattle that can be purchased in the charming farm store.

Sustainable Care for Animals and Nature

The idyllic Kärnebygd is located in the inland of Falkenberg. Here there were a gang of moonshine farmers who decided to join together and become Sunshine Farmers. Their joint mission is to control the entire chain for what is produced and made in interaction with animals, nature and environment in a sustainable manner for the future. In this way, they are now producing high quality naturally grazed meat and furthermore are operating their own farm store.

The Old General Store

In the cellar of Viktors Affärshus bed and breakfast, you will find an old-fashioned general store. From 1924 to 1963, a merchant named Viktor Andersson Kärnebygd operated a store at the same premises and some of the old furnishings remain. At the Solskensfarmarna’s farm store, they sell frozen hung tenderised naturally grazed meat from their own animals that you can see in the nearby enclosures. Here they also sell other locally produced products. You can also buy retro-candy, and during the summer, coffee is served with home-baked goods.


  1. Kärnebygd 105, Ätran