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Slöinge Kafferosteri

The pleasant smell of freshly ground coffee spreads from the old hotel in Slöinge, where you can find one of Sweden’s newest coffee roasters. Enjoy a great cup of coffee in good conscience.

The real deal

Slöinge Kafferosteri is a micro roaster that only roasts specialty coffee. All the coffee is organic and procured through as few middlemen as possible. Many of the varieties are also sourced from a single grower, so-called Single Estate. The other coffee is so-called Single Origin, which means that the beans are sourced from different estates around the same region.


All the coffee is roasted carefully by hand. The coffee is roasted exactly as long as it takes to bring out the complex acids and sugar to the perfect degree. The coffee is hand-picked. Only ripe berries make it to the end process, which ensures that the sugars in the beans develop to the fullest.


During the summer you will find a café at Slöinge Kafferosteri.

The rest of the year it has irregular opening hours, so be sure to call before you come just to be sure your trip won’t be in vain. You can buy the coffee at SIA Glass and Solhaga Stenugnsbageri in Slöinge, as well as eko-LOGISKT koncept and Suseå Choklad in Falkenberg. You can also order it via their online shopexternal link.


  1. Stationsgatan 7, Slöinge