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Mostorps gård

Mostorp exemplifies what is so charming about the Swedish countryside, and this farm runs a farm-to-table operation. The farm shop sells award-winning meats and charcuterie. You can also sign up for a bison safari and get up close to the animals.

Respect for the animals and nature

The full chain of production can be found at Mostorps Gård, from rearing the animals, slaughtering them, preparing the cuts and selling them in the farm shop. The animals here are raised and live as freely as possible. They get to roam across large tracts of land free from artificial fertilisers and chemical agents.

Farm shop

Mostorp’s farm shop sells beef, lamb and pork from animals that have been slaughtered at the on-site slaughterhouse, where the meat has also been aged and cut. The manual counter is packed with artisan meat products that have been prepared on the farm. The farm shop also sells lamb patties, marinated meats, kebabs, hamburgers, plum-packed pork tenderloin and much more.

Bison safari

Hop in the prairie wagon and join us on an exciting adventure into the beautiful surroundings of Mostorp. You will receive a tour of the farm and learn more about the rearing and slaughter operations, Mostorp Castle and the farm’s other activities. Naturally, the tour also passes through the bison enclosure, where you will get to see the animals up close if you are lucky.