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Källsjö Mejeri

The dairy in Källsjö, just outside Ullared, has a farm shop and café. The café serves lukewarm cheesecake with Källsjö cream or vanilla ice cream with jam or freshly baked waffles. Be sure to take the opportunity to buy some locally produced dairy products during your visit.

Farm with private dairy

Källsjö Mejeri operates its own private farm and dairy, ensuring full control over production and sales from the moment the cows are released into the meadow to the point where the milk or cheesecake is placed on the shelf. The milk from the dairy’s products is sourced from its own farms and local farms. The other ingredients are sourced as locally as possible.

By buying products from Källsjö Mejeri, you contribute to preserving smallholder agriculture, which results in open landscapes where cows graze freely throughout most of the year.

Café & farm shop in Källsjö

The shop sells cheesecake, milk, cream, curdled milk, hard cheese and Swedish ‘sötost’ (‘sweet cheese’). You can also order curds. You are of course welcome to dig in to your purchases at the café.


  1. Ullaredsvägen 8, Ullared