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Gunnagård is home to a cheerful herd of Linderöd pigs. They spend the whole year outdoors and are allowed to grow slowly under the loving care of their owners, resulting in prime meat quality.

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  1. Gunnagårdexternal link

Small-scale and loving pig rearing

The Linderöd pig is the only remaining Swedish native breed of pig and has been endangered for a long time. At Gunnagård, however, the breed is thriving. The farm focuses heavily on running things in a small-scale manner. The pigs are slaughtered at the Öströö sheep farm, which is only 30 minutes away by tractor.

Buy meat and charcuterie products

A farm shop is in the works at Gunnagård, but currently you can buy the farm’s delicacies through Reko Ringexternal link.


  1. Svartrå Gunnagård, Ullared