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A farm where you’ll find happy pigs and genuine food artisanry. Everything is made by hand and free from unnecessary additives. The farm shop sells delicious sausages, tasty charcuterie and high-quality meats.

Happy pigs

Gudmundsgården is an interesting place from which several different enterprises are based today. The staff prioritise the well-being of the animals, which get to roam freely in the big meadows, roll around in the dirt and live a good life. Place yourself by the fence and you’ll soon be welcomed by a gang of curious pigs.

Halland’s oldest farm charcuterie

The farm shop sells beef, lamb, venison, wild boar and moose meat, according to availability and season. The farm charcuterie makes sausages and other processed meat delicacies by hand based on old recipes and methods. Unnecessary and unnatural additives such as flavour enhancers and stabilisers are banned. This results in a short ingredients list but a far more genuine and long-lasting taste. The meat in the products is sourced either from the farm’s own animals or from nearby farms.

Bondens Värmestuga

The old hayloft above the farm shop has been converted into a lovely café, which serves home-made delicacies in a charming interior. The staff conjure up entire meals and lighter dishes for the café’s guests as well as for catered events. so be sure to head upstairs.


  1. Bäckagård Gudmundsgården 112, Slöinge