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Gårdsbutik Thuresson

Fill your pantry with locally produced meat of the highest quality. The farm’s own marinades enhance the taste of the meats even further and will turn you into a master at the grill. You can also buy charcuterie and other delicacies here.

Locally produced and small-scale

This is a real paradise for those who love high-quality cuts of meat. At Thuresson’s farm shop, you can buy different cuts of pork, beef, veal and lamb fresh over the counter. You can also find lots of the farm’s own delicacies such as meaty sausages, cured ham, liver pate, marinades and sauces. You can choose from a variety of meat boxes and even order everything from planks of meat to sandwich cakes.

Well-treated animals

You can meet the pigs messing about in their paddock just a stone’s throw from the shop. All the meat is sourced from farms in the surrounding area. The bulls and calves live on Olofsbäcks Gård, just north of Falkenberg. The pigs are from Morpegrisen in Morup as well as Rosendal, where they grow big and fat at the Rosgardt family. The animals and their meat are treated very well throughout the whole process from farm to table.


  1. Skogsbol 106, Glommen