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Eivor Gavie’s pickled vegetables

Discover food artisanry with a unique flavour and identity. Eivor pickles everything from classic sauerkraut to interesting delicacies made from organic ingredients. It is a small-scale food artisan business that operates entirely out of her own home and farm.

Gavie's Gårdar

The Slätten farm - once owned by Eivor’s grandparents - is situated in the rolling landscape of Halland between vast fields and large forests. It’s a place characterised by its horses and hens, enclosures and barns, dreams and hopes and a great love for nature and passion for food artisanry.

Pickled vegetables

Eivor practices the thousand-year-old preservation method of pickling vegetables and pickles everything from classic sauerkraut to tasty delicacies, all according to her own recipes and using local organic ingredients. She sells her pickled vegetables at farm shops around the local area and at food fairs and farmer’s markets.

Book a course

You can book a course at the farm on the art of pickling vegetables, gaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the process. You also get to take home the vegetables you pickled yourself, of course. You can also sign up for a so-called kitchen visit on certain dates, where you can get an insight into the everyday life of a food artisan and learn more about the craft, flavours and how pickled foods benefit your health. The visit ends with a buffet consisting of a variety of pickled tapas, kimchi and fermented beverages.


  1. Årstad Slätten 113, Falkenberg