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Ästad Vingård

In the middle of the forests of Halland between Falkenberg and Varberg, the woodland scenery suddenly parts to reveal a world of wine. Ästad Vingård cultivates 15,000 grape vines of the Solaris variety and also operates its own winery. It also offers a range of flavourful experiences as well as action-packed adventures.

A world of wine

Join a guided tour out in the grape vine fields or step into the winery and take part in the process by which grapes are turned into white wine. At the wine bar, you can sink into a soft chair and enjoy the view of the meadows with a glass of wine. You can also challenge your taste buds with a wine tasting in the wine cellar.


The restaurant proudly serves dishes made with the best seasonal ingredients, preferably organic and locally sourced from growers in the area. Breakfast, lunch and dinner - all of it is prepared and served with the same high ambition. Open all days a week, but please call for reservations.

Peace & quiet or fast & furious

At Ästad Vingård, you can embark on action-packed activities such as Fångarna på Gården (based on the popular Swedish game show Fångarna på Fortet) or zip-lining down Höghöjdsbanan, but you can also book a session at Sinnenas Spa, which is an outdoor spa focused on warm water, sauna and taking a refreshing plunge into cold spring water.

A family business that has been passed down for generations

Ästad Vingård was originally a dairy farm, and it was among the first to transition to the production of organic goods in the mid-80s. After that, the farm started to accept group visits to the small café that was established in the calf barn and held shows with herding dogs. The farm, which has evolved into something of an experience centre, is now run by three siblings - the third generation.


  1. Ästad 11, Tvååker