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Shop locally

Finding the real deal is easy in Falkenberg, whether you are looking for meat from healthy animals or top-quality coffee beans that are refined into something unique. You can find a huge variety of locally produced goods in Falkenberg with a common denominator: love and respect for the animal, ingredient or raw material. Look around and find your favourites.


A farm where you’ll find happy pigs and genuine food artisanry. Everything is made by hand and free from unnecessary additives. The farm shop sells delicious sausages, tasty charcuterie and high-quality meats.

Källdalens Trädgårdar

If you like fresh and organic vegetables and spices, you have come to the right place. At Källdalens Trädgårdar, everything is cultivated with love and care. The tasty and fragrant crops are sold in the farm shop.

Skrea Ost

At Skrea Ost, you can buy a variety of artisanal cheeses as well as other dairy products such as milk and yoghurt in bulk. The small dairy’s products are all organic, KRAV-certified and locally produced. The cows live on the farm next door.

Gårdsbutik Thuresson

Fill your pantry with locally produced meat of the highest quality. The farm’s own marinades enhance the taste of the meats even further and will turn you into a master at the grill. You can also buy charcuterie and other delicacies here.

SIA Glass

SIA Glass in Slöinge only uses the highest quality ingredients, and its ice cream is naturally made from real cream. You can buy ice cream here and take a seat at the ice cream café and put together your own favourite combination.

Hule Trädgård

The big greenhouse at Hule Trädgård is where the establishment grows its flowers, plants, vegetables, herbs and other tasty things. The greenhouse is also where you will find the farm shop, where you can buy it all. The juice factory opens in September, which is when the farm begins to sell its excellent juice. You can also deliver your apples here to have them turned into juice.


Tångagård is an organic vegetable and potato farm where everything grown is KRAV-certified. Feel free to wander through the fields and pick out your own vegetables and potatoes. You can also buy them at the simple farm shop located in the old milk room.

Suseå Choklad & Deli

Eating a handmade chocolate praline with well-composed flavors, made from the finest ingredients is an unbeatable experience. You can buy the sweets from the chocolate factory in Falkenberg in the shop in town. There are also delicacies, vegetables and flowers.

Ugglarps Grönt

This vegetable farm in Ugglarp is located right where the sea and fertile soil of Halland meet. The farm has a shop. Ugglarps Grönt is one of Sweden’s most innovative creators of farmed products, which can be found in exclusive restaurants around the country.

Matglädje i Halland

Sign up for a food walk and enjoy locally produced food in a scenic environment. On the walk, you will have the chance to meet grazing animals, watch the cultivation of herbs and vegetables and make some delicious stops along the way. Matglädje i Halland also offers catering services.

Slöinge Kafferosteri

The pleasant smell of freshly ground coffee spreads from the old hotel in Slöinge, where you can find one of Sweden’s newest coffee roasters. Enjoy a great cup of coffee in good conscience.

Eivor Gavie’s pickled vegetables

Discover food artisanry with a unique flavour and identity. Eivor pickles everything from classic sauerkraut to interesting delicacies made from organic ingredients. It is a small-scale food artisan business that operates entirely out of her own home and farm.


If you like seafood, you’ve come to the right place. At Korshags, you can buy smoked salmon, mackerel and herring, shellfish and fresh salmon fillets, as well as the lunch of the day and ready-made meals.

Mostorps gård

Mostorp exemplifies what is so charming about the Swedish countryside, and this farm runs a farm-to-table operation. The farm shop sells award-winning meats and charcuterie. You can also sign up for a bison safari and get up close to the animals.


Gunnagård is home to a cheerful herd of Linderöd pigs. They spend the whole year outdoors and are allowed to grow slowly under the loving care of their owners, resulting in prime meat quality.

Berte Qvarn

Sweden’s oldest family-owned business is located in Slöinge. The first bag of flour left Berte Qvarn in the year 1569. Now one of Europe’s most modern mills, it can attribute much of its success to the staff’s love for the mill’s heritage and genuine concern for quality and the environment.

Ullarps Gård

At Ullarps Gård, the hens strut about in the open and live well. The farm store open around the clock with self-service offers more than just good eggs. Here you will also find vegetables, root vegetables, honey and crafts such as lamb skin and bird feeders.


Visiting Kärnebygd is like travelling in time. This is where those people who together founded Solskensfarmarna (the Sunshine Farmers) living in harmony with animals and nature, just as people did in the past. They bring forth the fines naturally grazed meat from Highland cattle that can be purchased in the charming farm store.

Hallands Bär - Stora Berg Pick-yourself

On the rolling fields between Falkenberg and Halmstad, long rows of strawberries and raspberries are cultivated. You can come here yourself and pick the lovely berries. You can enjoy the beautiful view as a bonus. There is also a summer café with a delicious berry buffet.

The Kitchen Garden

  Next to Ätran in Falkenberg lies The Kitchen Garden Falkenberg – a large garden (or a tiny farm) roughly one hectare in size. Here, George and Alice grow without pesticides, using nature’s own tools to care for the earth and the environment.