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Prostens Pizza

Lisa Lemke and Marcus Nordgren love good pizza, good company and - not least - cooking with great ingredients. Drop by and taste the stone-oven baked pizzas and wonderful atmosphere in their ‘second’ living room at Skrea Backe.


  1. Prostens Pizza

Uteservering på Prostens.

About the restaurant

Since opening the doors to Prostens Pizza in the old vicarage, life in Skrea Backe has not been the same. The couple Lisa Lemke and Marcus Nordgren welcome everyone to drop by their ‘home’ and what they refer to as their second living room, where the old stone oven serves as the focal point. They make everything from Roman style pizza to appetizers with local ingredients in that oven. Lisa and Marcus have one goal with Prostens Pizza: To create the kind of experience they want when they go to the pub. Expect to share a table and food with each other, social eating, good, organic and natural wines, ingredients sourced from around Halland and a relaxed, fun atmosphere with delicious food.

Garden bar

In the summer, you can have a drink and order some snacks in the garden bar. The garden bar is ideal for those who could not get a seat inside the restaurant or at the outdoor service table. The garden bar fills the lawn with people of all ages, and you will almost certainly make some new friends over the course of the evening.

Book a table

Two weekends every month, the staff fire up the oven, bring out the long tables and put out a sign at Skrea Backe. However, during the summer it is open from Wednesday to Saturday starting from July to mid-August. The opening hours are announced about a month in advance, and you can make your booking on the website.


  1. Skrea 203, Falkenberg