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Lis Mejeri

What used to be the old dairy in Stafsinge is now a charming restaurant - and home. A dinner at Lis Mejeri is far more than just a dinner. Here, you get to experience food with all your senses through the host couple’s love, attention to detail and clever ingenuity.

About Lis Mejeri

Lis Mejeri is the establishment and home of Johan and Rina, two dreamers who make a living as food artisans and hosts. Making great food from local ingredients is their passion, and the ingredients should ideally be so local as to be within walking distance - either from their own garden or from one of the surrounding farms. The food is served with no frills, but a twist and a little sprinkling of magic.

The gates to Johan and Rina’s restaurant/home are opened to guests at irregular intervals but typically twice a month. In other words, you’ll simply have to wait until they have come up with a new idea or unless you have an idea of your own and would like to borrow Lis Mejeri for an evening. Lis Mejeri accepts bookings for parties, weddings, cooking classes and catering.

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  1. Lis 102, Falkenberg