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Lilla Napoli

The passionate chefs at Lilla Napoli have a single goal when they come to work, and that is to make the perfect Pizza Napoletana, the way it is made in the birthplace of pizza, Naples. Have they succeeded? Come and find out!

About Lilla Napoli

This restaurant has turned pizza baking into an art. Everything else is relatively immaterial to the owners, which you will understand as soon as you see the building the pizzeria is located in.

Neapolitan pizza has very little to do with the Swedish variant. It is soft, fluffy, light and easy to digest. Compared to a typical Swedish pizza, a Neapolitan pizza is quite spartan and only contains ingredients that fulfil a specific purpose. One might call it stripped to the core.

So be sure to come with an open mind and taste a different kind of pizza than you may be used to.


  1. Halmstadvägen 3, Falkenberg