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Hermans Restaurang & Nöje

Hermans Restaurang & Nöje is located right in the heart of Falkenberg by Rådhustorget. The restaurant serves delicious dishes made from local ingredients and always has something fun going on.

About the restaurant

Hermans has an ambition to let ingredients lovingly cultivated here in Falkenberg do most of the ‘talking’ in their dishes. The menu is heavily composed of flavours from Falkenberg. The restaurant serves everything from homemade hamburgers made from ground beef sourced from a local farm (Mostorps gård) to tasty liver from Thuressons Gårdsbutik. The vegetables are also sourced locally from Ugglarps Grönt, the ice cream from SIA-glass and various delicacies from Korshags. The list goes on. The great food is complemented by the high standard of service and warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Enjoyment is also an important part of any Hermans dining experience. The restaurant often organises entertainment such as quizzes, live bands, a night club and stand up comedy nights.


  1. Rådhustorget 3 a, Falkenberg