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Flip Flop Beach Bar & Rooms

In the middle of the beach in Olofsbo is a house that is easy to enjoy. Image a long beach, nothing to disturb the view- just the sea and the dunes. Right here you can sit at a beach bar with some great food with a Caribbean twist. Moreover, you can sleep over so you can enjoy it for an extra long time.

About the Restaurant

The food served at Flip Flop is of high quality and is of an exciting cuisines known as “Eurobbean”, a mix between European and Caribbean cooking styles. In the kitchen, we find chefs Bobba Bergström and Patrik Abrahamsson. Bobbo is a world-famous cook and has many successful years as a restauranteur under his belt, both in Europe and in the West Indies. Patrik has many years of experience from Argentina, Spain, London and the West Indies.

During the summer, you might prefer to sit out on the patio located directly on the beach. During other seasons and when the weather is bad, there is always a sunny feeling inside in the colourful restaurant.

About the Accommodation

The pleasant feeling you get at Flip Flop will reach down into your soul in no time. Prepare for flower power and colourful rooms. Here you will find plenty of interesting details that are sure to become conversation pieces. How does your room look? They all have different themes where you will learn about different historic events. One example is the Woodstock room. Here you will also find music recommendations that either take you back or let you discover for the first time, depending on how old you are.

Events and Activities

Keep an eye out for concerts and other events that periodically occur. You can also rent the entire location for a wedding, bridal shower, family reunion, birthdays, conference or training camp. If you want help directing activities, we offer a variety of suggestions on what can be booked in the house or things that are nearby.


  1. Havsvägen 19, Falkenberg