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Looking for a fine dining experience in a White Guide restaurant? A hearty and rustic Swedish meal? Or perhaps something quick from a food truck that you can eat on the go? There’s no shortage of options for your next meal in Falkenberg.


No one likes every cuisine in the world, but everyone has a favourite cuisine. That is why Pinchos has put together a menu with dishes of all kinds from cuisines all over the world. You will find everything from Spanish quesadillas to Asian dumplings, Hungarian plank steak and French créme brûlée on the menu.

Restaurant Gustaf Bratt

The venerable restaurant Gustaf Bratt is located in a stunning building with an equally impressive view over the river Ätran and Tullbron. The restaurant serves rustic Swedish home cooking as well as a well-balanced tasting menu with wine.

Lilla Napoli

The passionate chefs at Lilla Napoli have a single goal when they come to work, and that is to make the perfect Pizza Napoletana, the way it is made in the birthplace of pizza, Naples. Have they succeeded? Come and find out!

Hermans Restaurang & Nöje

Hermans Restaurang & Nöje is located right in the heart of Falkenberg by Rådhustorget. The restaurant serves delicious dishes made from local ingredients and always has something fun going on.

Rådhustorget No:1A

Rådhustorget No:1A is something quite unusual: A big gastrobar in a small area. At Rådhustorget No:1A, the borders between dining area and kitchen are blurred as everything revolves around the bar.


Sweden’s salmon mecca. In addition to the restaurant, Laxbutiken also consists of a shop, conference facility and ice cream carriage.


Restaurant Famille serves great menus for all occasions. Famille is a modern kitchen and serves dishes inspired by Nordic cuisine with French influences.

Björnhults Golfrestaurang

If you are looking for a delicious rustic Swedish lunch, you have come to the right place. In the summer, the restaurant also serves breakfast and a Brazilian barbecue buffet.

Sisi Restaurang

Sisi Restaurang is located right next to the local cinema and Stadsteatern on Falkenberg’s main square (Stortorget) and is a charming, child-friendly restaurant. It serves delicious dishes based on a variety of cuisines.

Ocean Hotel Restaurang

Watching the sun set over the sea with good food, good drink and in good company is an experience you won’t soon forget. The Ocean Hotel restaurant is listed in the White Guide and serves seasonal dishes made from locally produced ingredients.

Peder & Co

Peder & Co is a Swedish food and entertainment restaurant that is all about creating a warm atmosphere. Great service, a charming setting and delicious food made from top-quality ingredients make up the hallmarks of the restaurant.

Glommens Fiskekrog

You can find a small slice of the Caribbean in Glommen. This restaurant serves food firmly anchored in Swedish ingredients but with a Caribbean touch. It has a wonderful outdoor bar and arranges sunset concerts that are sure to create lasting memories.

MAJO Mat & Möten

MAJO is a bright and gorgeous café with glass walls stretching from floor to ceiling, located right in the middle of Gallerian. The café also has an outdoor area that is perfect for a coffee break or lunch at some point in your shopping trip.

Harrys Falkenberg

Harrys is a restaurant with a lot of options. The restaurant is located in the prestigious Grand Hotel and has a wonderful view over the Ätran river and Tullbron.

Vinbergs Golfkrog

Vinbergs Golfkrog is open all year round and serves lunch seven days a week. The food is prepared from local ingredients to the extent possible. You can also order catering.

Restaurang Ekholmen

Vessigebro is beautifully situated among fields and meadows, and Ätran’s blue waters flow through here en route to the sea. Pensionat Ekholmen is located in the middle of this community, where you are practically guaranteed to have a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Prostens Pizza

Lisa Lemke and Marcus Nordgren love good pizza, good company and - not least - cooking with great ingredients. Drop by and taste the stone-oven baked pizzas and wonderful atmosphere in their ‘second’ living room at Skrea Backe.


Hamnkrogen has a great location with a view over the Ätran river. On weekdays, the restaurant serves traditional Swedish food in the form of a lunch buffet, with several different hot dishes to choose from. There is also an enormous salad bar.

Lis Mejeri

What used to be the old dairy in Stafsinge is now a charming restaurant - and home. A dinner at Lis Mejeri is far more than just a dinner. Here, you get to experience food with all your senses through the host couple’s love, attention to detail and clever ingenuity.

Lokal Diner Susedalen

Skip the fast food options and drop by Lokal Diner, which cooks the meals from scratch using local ingredients. The restaurant is located in a green, quiet and secluded place despite its proximity to the E6 motorway.


Köket is a small, intimate restaurant at Falkenberg Strandbad that serves world-class food but in a relaxed, fun way.

Mandy´s Diner

Go back in time to the 50s-60s in this American diner, where rock ‘n roll plays in the background and you can choose from a variety of burgers. The menu also includes quesadillas, fried chicken and American pancakes.

Bistro Mer

The enchanting terrace at Falkenberg Standbad is located directly on Skrea Beach and is a place where you can sit down with a great view, have a good meal and take in some evening entertainment.

Kvarnens Pensionat & Restaurang

An opportunity for a truly unique experience, where you can stay in the old windmill or in one of the inn’s comfortable bungalows. The restaurant has a panoramic view of the sea and shore meadows.

Skrea Matbruk

At the top of Skrea Backe, with a splendid view of the vineyards, meadows and pastures, the Skrea Matbruk has opened its doors.

Klockaregården 310

Inside the courtyard to the charming red house, you will find the at-home inn, Klockaregården 310. This is where Susanne Ottosson mixes among the pots and welcomes her guests with tasty, local food and a cosy atmosphere.

Flip Flop Beach Bar & Rooms

In the middle of the beach in Olofsbo is a house that is easy to enjoy. Image a long beach, nothing to disturb the view- just the sea and the dunes. Right here you can sit at a beach bar with some great food with a Caribbean twist. Moreover, you can sleep over so you can enjoy it for an extra long time.

West Bar & Lounge

West Bar & Lounge offers pleasant bar setting where everyone is welcome. Both at lunch and after beach, as well as a wonderful dinner in the evening.

DownTown RockBar

If you like good food and great music, then head for the DownTown RockBar. You can even watch the football here while sipping beer after beer, or drink after drink. 

Villa Littorin

Eat well while enjoying this beautiful villa with views as far as the eye can see. The restaurant is open for orders, everything from small, intimate dinners to large parties of up to 150 guests. They also put on themed evenings and drinks tastings. Welcome to “Falkenberg Toscana”.

The Zoo Restaurant and Taproom

A group of beer enthusiasts bonded over their frustrations with tasteless beer. After a load of sacks of malt and a good deal of experimentation, The Pine Ridge Brewery was established and now produces delicious beer with zero fuss. Enjoy your beer in their very own BBQ restaurant located directly next to the brewery.


If your heart yearns for pasta and pizza, then a visit to the PomoD’oro restaurant is a must. This joint serves up genuine Italian food in the heart of Falkenberg.