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From the local pantry

Relying on interesting ingredients from the sea or the soil of Halland, a gang of local and passionate food producers have created a new selection of successful products. The door to Halland’s pantry is open - welcome!

The real thing can be found in Falkenberg

In Falkenberg, there is a massive variety of locally ingredients that are certain to inspire you to create wonderful dishes. The municipality is home to a large number of producers of meat, vegetables, flour and milk, but also refined products such as bread, cheese and charcuterie. A band of passionate producers have come together to create what is now called Falkenbergs Skafferi (‘Falkenberg’s Pantry’). They believe that it is possible to achieve far more when working together.

Everything from a farm shop to a find dining restaurant

There is a wonderful variety of products to be found at Falkenbergs Skafferi, and there are new and interesting food entrepreneurs appearing all the time. Johan Bildberg and Rina Ratell bought an abandoned dairy, which they converted into an inn where every visit is guaranteed to tickle the senses. Eivor Gavie started off pickling vegetables on her farm in his spare time but was so good at it that it ended up becoming an almost full-time profession. Sara Wennerström, the owner of the Solhaga stone oven bakery, has won a number of awards, including the award for the tastiest roll in western Sweden. And then there’s Ralf Teebay, who has brought an old German sausage tradition to Falkenberg and turned it into a local one as well.

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