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In the middle of the town lies a wonderfully colourful garden where children are allowed to play to their heart’s content. You can eat ice cream by the bucket loads, chomp down waffles or go on a binge in the cake buffet.

About the café

A favourite destination for children, Sagocaféet is located in Storans Trädgård in the middle of town and is open in the summer. At Sagocaféet, you can treat yourself to a delicious ice cream or waffle with cream and jam, or a cake buffet in an environment you won’t find anywhere else. The colourful kitchen furniture in the middle of the garden makes you feel as though you have been teleported into the garden at Pippi Longstocking’s house,Villa Villekulla. The Sago park is open to all children.

During peak season

  • Exciting story-time sessions: Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Big cake buffet - eat as much as you want (or can!): Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Wonderful barbecue evenings with buffet on Fridays.



  1. Torggatan 10, Falkenberg