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Grab a coffee and sandwich on the go or take a seat and enjoy an open sandwich on Danish rye bread, warm sourdough sandwiches or the salad of the day. The café also sells plenty of tasty treats and classic wheat bread.

About the café

What used to be the old mayor’s residence is now a café and pastry shop where you can have your breakfast, lunch and coffee break. The café combines tradition with innovation.

Borgmästargården’s philosophy is to conserve everything and reduce food waste to an absolute minimum, which is why the establishment has a fluid menu. What the café sells varies from day to day, depending on the season and availability of ingredients. No matter what they are dishing up on a given day, you can be certain that they have put a great deal of thought and care into it.

The café is a lovely meeting place, decorated with quality materials, furniture and porcelain by famous designers. There is an outdoor seating area facing Storgatan and in the sunny courtyard.


  1. Storgatan 31, Falkenberg