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Ätran meanders through Vessigebro on its way to the sea. The charming community and beautiful surroundings offer a variety of fun excursions for the whole family, be it fishing, swimming, golfing, playing and exercising. Great food and good lodging: Welcome to Vessigebro.


At Gurkbänken, children as well as adults can burn off some excess energy. Here, children and grown-ups can play games, follow the water down to the dam, or discover the park’s interesting artworks and greenery.

Fiska i Ätrans Nedre

The Ätran river is a classic salmon fishing area, and there are great fishing conditions in Vessigebro. The Ätrans Nedre fishing conservation area stretches from the bridge in Vessigebro to the bridge over the old E6 motorway in Falkenberg, approximately 150 metres upstream of the Herting power station.

Ullared Flädje Golfklubb

Flädje is a well-maintained and scenic forest and heathland course located in the Ätran river valley: A nature experience out of the ordinary.

Ekholmen Pensionat & Restaurang

Vessigebro is beautifully situated among fields and meadows, and Ätran’s blue waters flow through here en route to the sea. Pensionat Ekholmen is located in the middle of this community, where you are practically guaranteed to have a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


During the summer, you can swim in Vessigebrobadet’s heated outdoor pools.

Vessigebros motionsspår

The jogging track in Vessigebro is located in a truly picturesque area and winds up a hill with a great view of the church, perfect for a walk or jog. The track is also on the Halland trail route, where there are good campsites and shelters.


Sjönevad is perfect for anyone who prefers lakes with a bit of a beach vibe to them. The swim spot is particularly loved by children due to the sandy beach and because the water is quite shallow until you go a bit further out.

Nackagårds B&B

Stay in a small cabin with a thatched roof or in a comfortable apartment You are greeted with a wonderful view as soon as you step outside the door, and it is the perfect place from which to explore the nature of Halland.

Sjönevad Market

The market at Sjönevad is held over one weekend in August each year. This is a classic market featuring market vendor stands, food and drinks served, as well as midway amusements. Along with the beautiful natural surroundings, this makes for a pleasant excursion for the entire family.