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Vallarnas Friluftsteater

Falkenberg is home to one of Sweden’s most beautiful and popular open-air theatres, located within a comfortable walking distance from the city centre.

20 years of laughter in Falkenberg

The Vallarna Open-air theatre’s history begins with Stefan & Krister, a much-beloved duo that travelled around Sweden with their popular summer slapstick comedy act. Their management company, 2Entertain, wanted to create a more permanent stage for them where they could perform their comedy. One day in 1995, Bosse Andersson, the producer at 2Entertain, found a suitable spot in Falkenberg to build that stage. Falkenberg Municipality and other stakeholders supported the project, and by the next summer, the first summer farce was performed on a makeshift stage.

The tradition continues

The summer farce at Vallarna has since become well-known performance in Sweden, and even though Stefan and Krister are no longer involved in the performances, the summer farce has carried on with new scripts, directors and actors. Roughly 60,000 people come to watch the performance each year. The performances are often televised the following year, so if you have lived in Sweden a while, you may have caught a glimpse of this wonderful act even if you haven’t visited Falkenberg. You will pass right through the theatre area if you walk along Doktorpromenaden (The Doctor’s Promenade).

Allsång (Sing-a-long)

The theatre is also where the popular Allsång på Vallarna (Sing-a-long at Vallarna) is held. Every summer, you can drop by for a number of wonderful sing-a-long evenings with famous guests performers and local talents. Since it first began in 1996, the event has had over a quarter million visitors.


  1. Läroverksgatan, Falkenberg