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Mini Zoo & Adventure Course

After a while at Vallarnas Lekpark, you may be ready for new adventures. Follow the path into the forest behind the playground and make sure to say hello to the goats, sheep and various birds. There is also a tricky obstacle course where you can test out your log-balancing skills.

Go exploring

Once you get to Vallarna, the massive playground has plenty of entertainment to keep the children occupied for hours. But there is far more than ‘just’ a playground to explore here. In the forest, you will come across “Vilses stig” (“The Path for the Lost”), which teaches you what to do if you get lost. The path has a total of 10 signs you can learn from.


Continue following the path, and you’ll soon find that it opens up to beautiful green spaces and a house in the distance that belongs to the mini-zoo. Sheep, goats and several different varieties of chickens and birds live there. If you are visiting in the spring, you will most likely also see a number of mischievous kittens and lambs running around. The pigs live a short walk away, past the entrance to Vallarnas Friluftsteater (Vallarna Open-air Theatre).

Äventyrsbanan (The Adventure Course)

Adjacent to the mini-zoo is a fun course where you have to try balancing on logs without falling down. Why not challenge each other to see who can get through it the fastest? The area also has tables and benches where you can take a break and have a snack.


  1. Läroverksgatan, Falkenberg