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Boules centre

If you enjoy playing a game of boules, you’ve come to the right place. You can play boules in beautiful surroundings in Vallarnas Friluftsområde all year round. Welcome!

Boulecenter vid Vallarna

About the club

The facility is owned by Falkenbergs Bouleallians (Falkenberg Boules Alliance), which has around 600 members distributed across 11 clubs from Falkenberg and the local area - as well as one group who call themselves Optimisterna (The Optimists). The last group is made up of people who have some sort of debilitating illness or injury.

Start playing

The amount of clubs that make up the Alliance makes it easy to find a group that’s perfect for you, and you’ll quickly feel at home. Socialising is a key aspect of the Alliance and its clubs. The boules centre is located by Vallarnas Friluftsområde (Vallarna Open-air Area) just outside the city centre, with ample parking.


  1. Läroverksgatan, Falkenberg