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Communities have always thrived in the fertile land around Suseån. Situated between the sea and forests and nestled amongst fields and meadows, Slöinge could be easily mistaken for a sleepy countryside village. However, beneath its idyllic surface is a vibrant entrepreneurial scene keeping the local community alive and healthy.

Eddy Lou Ranch

This American-style ranch is located in the beautiful surroundings of Asige. At Eddylou Ranch, you can stay in a cabin, park your motorhome for a short overnight stay or make use of the entire facility for meetings and horseback riding.


A farm where you’ll find happy pigs and genuine food artisanry. Everything is made by hand and free from unnecessary additives. The farm shop sells delicious sausages, tasty charcuterie and high-quality meats.

Solhaga Stenugnsbageri

This award-winning artisan bakery and garden café is located in the heart of Slöinge. Solhaga Stenugnsbageri bakes sourdough bread and pastries, and its delicious sandwiches are packed with local delicacies.

SIA Glass

SIA Glass in Slöinge only uses the highest quality ingredients, and its ice cream is naturally made from real cream. You can buy ice cream here and take a seat at the ice cream café and put together your own favourite combination.

Slöinge Kafferosteri

The pleasant smell of freshly ground coffee spreads from the old hotel in Slöinge, where you can find one of Sweden’s newest coffee roasters. Enjoy a great cup of coffee in good conscience.

Berte Museum

A nostalgia museum with a wealth of historical artefacts. A variety of objects from the countryside, old environments, village shops and everyday life can be found on display here.

Mostorps Gård

Mostorp exemplifies what is so charming about the Swedish countryside, and this farm runs a farm-to-table operation. The farm shop sells award-winning meats and charcuterie. You can also sign up for a bison safari and get up close to the animals.


A lovely swim spot for the whole family. It has a large bathing jetty, diving tower, beach and plenty of tables and benches.