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Embark on a tour of discovery in a beautiful coastal landscape. Morup lies just north of Falkenberg. You simply have to follow the coastline, although the more scenic route along the small roads takes you through open farmland and peaceful meadows. The local area has lots of scenic spots and attractions.

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Popular spots in Morup

Morup is an area with fantastic swim spots and lots of charming, unique “landings” along the Kattegat strait beaches that stretch on for tens of kilometres. There are lots of flea markets to visit as well as shops selling local delicacies that are perfect for throwing on a barbecue by the beach. It has a strong cultural scene thanks to the many artists and artisans who have chosen to move here. A lot of them have rather informal opening hours, so you can either take your chances or give them a call before you decide to drop by.

Morup is also an excellent place for kite surfing, and many people also visit the area for the abundant bird life in Morups Tånge. There is also a comprehensive map called Popular spots in Morup and its vicinity. You can download it via the link above or pick up a physical copy at Falkenberg’s Tourist Information Office.


Light Festival in Morup and its vicinity

Bring your friends, family, acquaintances and everyone else you know! The Light Festival lasts for a full evening and offers lots of charming sights and experiences. You will find lights, fire, art exhibits, garden installations, pumpkins, culture scenes, open studies, shops, music, food and happenings stretched across several kilometres, starting from Bölse via Glommen, Stranninge, Morup, Björkang and all the way over to Askhult and the surrounding area on All Saints’ Day. Find out more on www.ljusfestmorup.seexternal link

The Halland Art Tour

A real festival in which several of the artists from the local area in and around Morup participate and open their studios to visitors during the Ascension Day public holiday, Thursday-Friday from 11:00-17:00. Examine a huge variety of arts and crafts made by talented artisans and artists. Buy art lottery tickets, win artworks and have a ‘fika’ break at the pop-up café in Gammelstugan, which will be open during the holiday. Read more on www.konstlivhalland.seexternal link

The Falkenberg-Åhs Kattegat Trail

The Kattegat Trail runs straight through Morup, and if you are arriving by bicycle, there are several lovely stops along the way. You can find lodging, food and various attractions here. The trail follows the coastline, and you will find some great swim spots along the way. Read more on www.kattegattleden.seexternal link