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The unspoilt gem that is Glommen is framed by the open sea and breathtaking sunsets. It is home to a small fishing harbour, a relaxed and welcoming community and a way of life far removed from the stress and fast pace of the big city.

Glommens Fiskekrog

You can find a small slice of the Caribbean in Glommen. This restaurant serves food firmly anchored in Swedish ingredients but with a Caribbean touch. It has a wonderful outdoor bar and arranges sunset concerts that are sure to create lasting memories.

Morups Tånge

Morups Tånge is a beautiful nature reserve with an abundance of wildlife just south of Glommen. Both birds and people come here to relax and enjoy the peaceful nature. Take a break and enjoy your front row seat to the ocean view. And don’t forget your binoculars!

Glommens Småbåtshamn

The lighthouse at Morups Tånge can be seen from far away and shows the way to Glommen. At Glommen Gästhamn, you are welcome to stay the night or simply take a lovely stroll among the piers and boats.

Glommens strand

Just north of Glommen lies a long and lovely sandy beach with low dunes.


Just north of the beautiful sandy beach in Glommen lies the Digesgård nature reserve. The open beach meadows are home to a thriving ecosystem of birds and plants.


Far out on the promontory lies the big rock that has served as a landmark for as long as Glommen has been a settlement. It is also where Glommen gets its name from.