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Gamla stan

Going for a walk across the old cobblestone streets in Gamla Stan - the Old Town - is a must when visiting Falkenberg. The town has managed to preserve the oblique and crooked wooden houses, its medieval church, the fragrant rose garden and the granary, which now houses RIAN Designmuseum. Welcome to the heart of Falkenberg.


Towering over the river Ätran stands Sweden’s most beautiful stone bridge, steadfastly regardless of the water levels and swirling currents. Take a stroll over Falkenberg’s most famous construction.

Laurentiiparken med Gåsatorget

In the middle of the old town lies a lovely green area with trees and plants. Take a break in Rosariet and enjoy the smells of the beautiful scented flowers.


Explore innovative design, popular design, national design and international design - all under one roof. The museum’s temporary exhibitions feature everything from industrial design to artisanry.

Church of St. Laurentii

The Church of St. Laurentii is one of the oldest buildings in Falkenberg and has a fascinating history. It is a very popular church for baptisms and weddings.

Falkenbergs Hembygdsmuseum

In one of the well-preserved houses in Falkenberg’s Old Town lies Falkenbergs Hembygdsmuseum, which chronicles the history of the town from antiquity to the early 20th century.

Borgen Falkenberg

Today, Falkenberg is a calm and charming town, but that was not always the case. The town has experienced its share of wars, attacks and fires. The ruins of Falkenberg Castle stand today as evidence of the town’s dramatic history.


The Hindström farm is the town’s oldest wooden house and has been preserved as a museum. The farmhouse was likely built in the 18th century and has survived all the fires that have ravaged Falkenberg since then.


Sit back and enjoy the floral splendour and listen to the running water from the Ätran fountain. The park has 60 trees and bushes as well as 100 different kinds of perennials, meaning that there is something in bloom all year round here.

Gustaf Bratt

The venerable restaurant Gustaf Bratt is located in a stunning building with an equally impressive view over the river Ätran and Tullbron. The restaurant serves rustic Swedish home cooking as well as a well-balanced tasting menu with wine.

Falkmanska Huset

This old 18th century inn still serves hearty food and freshly brewed coffee.

Sjöbergs Laxrökargård

Sjöbergs Laxrökargård was in operation for nearly a hundred years smoking fish and meat. If you get really close to the old wooden facades, you can still detect the smell in the walls.

Falkenbergs Varmbadhus

The old hot-bath house in Falkenberg is now a so-called culture school, but the beautiful exterior is the same as when the building was first constructed in the 1910s.