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Canoeing in Fegen

Fegen is a popular destination for people who enjoy canoeing. It’s a place where you go for some peacefulness and tranquillity in a breathtaking landscape. Stop by a campsite, go for a swim or fishing and be at one with nature for a while.

Lake Fegen - as big as it is beautiful

There is something wonderfully liberating about that moment where your canoe quietly glides free from the shore and out into the water. Some people go canoeing for days; others are satisfied with a simple day trip. The lake is big and deep and known for its rare spring-spawning vendance fish. Pike, perch, zander (pikeperch), burbot and eel are also found here.

If you’re lucky, you may also spot elk and deer among the undergrowth as well as bird species such as osprey and black-throated diver by the water or over the lake. Close to the middle of the southern part of the lake, the three landscapes of Halland, Småland and Västergötland meet.


There are many campsites located along the beaches of Fegensjön, Kalvsjön, Ätran and Lillån where you can rest for a while. These are designated spots where you can pitch a tent and fry up anything you caught out on the lake. You need to have purchased camping coupons in order to stay the night at one of these campsites, however. You can find information about rules and camping coupons on visitfegen.seexternal link. A big part of Lake Fegen is classified as a nature reserve, so make sure you pay attention to signs by certain beaches indicating you cannot go on land there.

Rent a canoe, rowboat or motorboat

Here, you can rent a canoe or kayak as well as rowboats with or without a motor. You can also buy fishing licences here.



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