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You might associate the name Ätran with a river but it’s also a little community 15 minutes outside Ullared. A wonderful place with gorgeous nature and great destinations for the whole family. Fish, swim, hike, play or exercise. Welcome to Ätran!

Ätrans Bed and Breakfast

Stay in scenic surroundings in the countryside. This B&B is close to swim spots, hiking trails and cross-country skiing, as well as the shopping paradise in Ullared.

Ätrans IP outdoorgym

Ätrans IP has an outdoor gym with nine different stations to choose between. There’s something here for beginners and experienced hands alike.

Ätrans leisure facility

Ätrans Fritidsanläggning is a small holiday village of 7 cabins located right by the peaceful Eseredsjön, but it is also a complete facility for holiday-goers seeking outdoor life and fun activities.

Ätrans skiingcenter

At Ätrans Skidcenter (Ätran Ski Centre), you can experience the winter by going cross-country skiing on excellent artificial snow trails. There are also several other fun winter activities to partake in. Go ice skating and sledding.

Bathing and swimming in Eseredssjön

In the middle of the community of Ätran, you will find this fine swimming location with a dock, tables and benches as well as a place for grilling.

Canoeing in Ätran

Ätran is the second-largest river in Halland. It runs through the beautiful Ätra valley (Ätradalen) in Falkenberg’s inland region and ends at the Kattegat strait by central Falkenberg. Canoeing through the Ätran river is sure to result in a nature excursion that you won’t ever forget.

Go fish in Eseredssjön

You can fish for planted rainbow trout in Eseredssjön, as well as pike, bream, roach and perch. You can go fishing from a rowboat or a number of jetties. There are several nice barbecue areas around the lake. You can rent a boat here.

Go for a walk around Eseredssjön

Inland from Falkenberg, in the forests around Ätran, you have loads of different walks to choose from. You will find a description of the loop around lake Esered here. A great 3.3 km loop for the whole family! Read on and let us tell you how to make the trip.