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Skomakarhamnen is a peaceful spot with an old stone pier that extends out into the water. It is a fantastic crab fishing spot. There is a bathing beach with restrooms and parking just north of the pier.

Vy från stenpiren vid Skomakarehamnen.

About Skomakarhamnen

The name likely stems from Skomakarrevet (the Skomaka Reef) just north of the harbour. Have a seat at the pier and enjoy the ocean view. Children enjoy climbing the rocks, fishing for crabs and going exploring here.

The beach has slightly coarse sand, and there are quite a few rocks in the water. However, it is guaranteed to be a quiet spot; you may even discover that you have the whole beach to yourself when you visit. There are walking paths that go across the beach meadows, which are kept accessible thanks to grazing cattle. There are also tables and benches


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