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Knobesholmssjön, or Borrsjön as it is also known, is a little lake located in beautiful surroundings just outside of Assige. It’s the perfect destination for when you want to get active. There’s also a BBQ area with fantastic views.

Serene place

What we like about Knobesholmssjön is that it’s always as beautiful any time of year. We even love visiting it in winter. Thanks to the many peninsulas and the varied nature, the kids think it’s a fun and exciting place too. Especially when they get to walk over the log bridges that traverse the rushing water. It takes around 30 minutes to drive to Knobesholmssjön from central Falkenberg.

Going for a walk

There is a walk you can do around the entire lake that is around 4.4 km long. The path changes from gravel to earth to forest trails. We took a buggy with us the first time we walked around the lake but it was not a good idea as the path was quite narrow in places. That being said, there’s something charming about heading out on a journey of discovery - you never know what you might run into.

ATTENTION! This path crosses private land and its condition may vary. The bridge over the river is in poor condition.

Barbecuing and overnighting

Follow the path from the car park to the right and after around 1 kilometre you will come to a lean-to with a BBQ area. Getting a buggy out here is easy. The lean-to is in a great location on a piece of headland. You can book an overnight stay through Friluftsfrämjandet by calling 070-213 72 44.

How we do it

We usually head to the right from the car park when we’re walking round the lake. A rucksack with a picnic is easier to carry on the longer route. We rest by the lean-to on the headland for a bit. When we sit down for lunch we usually have food with us so we can grill, normally sausages and s’mores. If we’re doing an afternoon trip, we’ll just fika. This time of year we take some wood with us so we can get a little fire going. It’s great for warming up cold hands, plus it’s incredibly cosy. Just remember to set up your fire in a safe manner and to take water with you if there isn’t any in the area so that you can put it out properly.

Swimming and fishing

Unfortunately there are no good swimming beaches by Kobesholmssjön. When we’re there in the summer and feel like a swim, we usually head over to the nearby Nyhagasjön Lake. There are jetties and diving towers there. If you want to go fishing then buy a fishing licence from Roland Alexandersson, tel. 070-842 17 00.


  1. Coordinates: 56.89481, 12.78820

Directions: From Falkenberg, drive south on road 767 to Slöinge, then follow signs for Asige. In Asige, turn left towards Årstad / Abild, then follow the shuttles towards "Ekomuseum Tunnbinderi". Drive through the farm Knobesholm and after a few hundred meters turn left onto a gravel road, at signs for Hallandsleden, so when you soon park.