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The nature in Vesslunda stores many surprises. If you decide to explore the entire reserve, you will encounter sandy beaches, heather-draped cliffs and pine forests. There are several lovely observation decks that give you a front row seat to the ocean view.


Vesslunda and its soft sandy bays is located just south of the Suseån estuary. You enter the nature reserve either from the parking area at the estuary or from the parking area by the beach in Långasand. You can also go swimming off the cliffs or at shallow sandy beaches. There are several paths you can follow that lead you to beautiful outlook spots.

Sand, cliffs and pine forests

The reserve is characterised by the Garnbjär and Boabjär mountains. However, there are also some impressively big sand dunes, some of which reach almost 10 metres in height. The sand dune formations are primarily the result of open and windy conditions during the 18th and 19th centuries. During this period, the encroaching sand became a problem for local farmers. They decided to plant pine trees on the open sandy fields, which is why such big portions of Vestlunda are covered with pine forests today.

Go fishing in Suseån

In Suseån, there are plenty of migratory fish species such as salmon, trout, freshwater lamprey and sea lamprey, but also other species such as perch, pike and roach. If you want to go fishing, you will need to buy a fishing licence through the Falkenberg Tourist Information Officeexternal link.


  1. Koordinater: 56.842289, 12.579678

Directions: From the coastal after Eftra church, turn off Boberg and after 2 kilometers towards Vesslunda. Parking is available at the reserve.