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Ullarp is a perfect location when you want to make a small and simple excursion out in nature. Take a short walk and a coffee break among the mighty oaks and beautiful bird songs.


The car park is located right along the coastal road between Falkenberg and Halmstad. Here you will also find a picnic table. However, you should rather take your picnic basket, walk along the beautiful cow path and sit down on the fallen trees a bit further down in the reserve. This is a bright, open place beautifully framed in by large oaks. The area was once used as pasture and meadowland, and there is still a struggle to maintain the diversity of plants that otherwise would be choked out by high grass and herbs.

Take a Walk

There is a marked hiking path measuring just over one kilometre through the forest. You get back to the open location and then the path goes back to the car park again.

Wood Anemones and Bird Songs

Pay a visit to Ullarp in the spring when the ground under the giant oaks is covered by a carpet of wood anemones. Among the lively choir of small birds heard in the spring are the black cap, garden warbler and nightingale. Here bloom the butterfly orchid, bitter fetch and devil's-bit, and on the old oaks grown unusual lichens.


  1. Koordinates: 56.830552, 12.634793