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If it’s magical sunsets you’re looking for then you’ve come to the right place. Pick out your very own clifftop and set yourself down on the first parterre. Follow the sea and roam over the cliffs, grassy dunes and moorland.

Enjoy the sea

The Steningekusten nature reserve stretches from Stensjöstrand to Steninge and is situated in both Falkenberg and Halmstad municipality. Here, you can take a long walk through the bare but beautiful landscape. In the north of the reserve you will find a wide gravel path that you can even take buggies and wheelchairs onto. There is also a small marina.

Along the coast you will find cliffs for climbing and sandy beaches for swimming. Finding a private spot for this summer’s best picnic is easy.

Old stone quarry

The area around Steninga is rich with stone fron the end of the 1800s up until the First World War. The stone is used for paving roads. The area has been used as a pasture for centuries. Today, you can see Icelandic horses in the north of the reserve, while sheep are kept in the south.


If you fancy some birdwatching then you should head north and direct your gaze towards the Fågelholmarna (or Bird Hills). This is a special conservation area for birds where water birds such as eider ducks, common gulls, herring gulls and great black-backed gulls all nest. You will also find five of Sweden’s six protected species of reptile living here among the cliffs and the rocks: the smooth snake, the European viper, the grass snake, the slow worm and the common lizard.