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Climbing Smörkullen is a fun adventure for grown-ups as well as children. When you make it to its peak, you will find yourself 52 metres above sea level and with a magnificent view of Falkenberg.


The Smörkullen nature reserve is a lovely excursion point for the whole family thanks to its ideal combination of nature and fun experiences. There is a parking lot just by the road.

Head to the top

There are three paths leading up the hill. The one right by the parking lot is the steepest, while the other two are less challenging. The paths are well-maintained and easy to follow. Children should have no problem making it to the top - in fact, they will most likely find it exciting, especially the last stretch where you have to climb wooden ladders. Once you make it to the top, you enjoy the packed lunch you hopefully brought as well as the amazing view.

A fascinating history

Smörkullen was once part of a chain of beacon hills along the coast. The signal fires served as a kind of alarm system that could quickly alert the entire countryside to encroaching danger, such as raiders. It has likely also been a site for the mythical practice of ättestupa, where elderly people were said to have thrown - or been thrown - to their death, as well as a sacrificial site. Additionally, an amazing discovery was made on the top of the hill in 1859, when a golden bowl from the Bronze Age was unearthed. At Smörkullen, you can also find old Nordic rock carvings known as bowl hollows. The bowl hollows are where Smörkullen gets its name from - Butter Hill in English - as it was once believed that people once sacrificed fat in the bowls.


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