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Morups Tånge

Morups Tånge is a beautiful nature reserve with an abundance of wildlife just south of Glommen. Both birds and people come here to relax and enjoy the peaceful nature. Take a break and enjoy your front row seat to the ocean view. And don’t forget your binoculars!


You get to Morups Tånge through a series of winding roads. The majestic lighthouse can be seen from far away. Before you arrive at the parking area, you will have to stop and open the gate. This is because there are horses and cows that graze and roam freely in the beach meadows to keep the landscape open and accessible. The nature reserve is one of the most beautiful bird habitats in Sweden. It is an important resting place for many of the country’s migratory birds, and approximately 280 different species have been spotted here.

A spellbinding experience by the sea

Morups Tånge is a lovely place to go for an excursion no matter the time of year, where you can go exploring around the lighthouse and over the heaths. There is signage that indicate areas that are off-limits to keep humans from disturbing the local bird life. In the summer, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunshine on the rippling ocean waves and stunning sunsets. In the winter, you can experience nature’s spectacle accompanied by salty winds and the smell of seaweed.

About the lighthouse

The lighthouse at Morups Tånge was built in 1841 and is 27 metres tall. In the 1930s, the lighthouse was modernised with electricity. The lighthouse is still in operation to this day, shining its light across the Kattegat strait, but has been unmanned since 1962. If you visit the reservation during the International Lighthouse Day in August, you can go all the way up inside the lighthouse and enjoy the view of the surrounding area. It is usually also open to visitors on a few occasions over the summer. You can follow the life of the lighthouse on Twitter and Instagram on @TngeFyrexternal link


  1. Morups Tånge, Glommen