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Located along the scenic coastal road south of Falkenberg, Grimsholmen is a must-see. At Grimsholmen, you can roam freely in nature, rest on the cliffs or go swimming in the bays.


The open landscape by Grimsholmen consists of beach meadows, heaths, cliffs and pine forests. There are grazing cows and sheep in the area that make sure that is remains accessible. Here, you can go exploring to your heart’s content or take a stroll along the dirt road leading down to the sea. Boathouses, tools and a little harbour point to indications that people fished here. The area is also home to a number of Bronze Age relics such as cairns and stone circles.

Enjoy the sea

The reservation has plenty of cliffs, but also a number of small sandy beaches that are great swim spots and fun for the children to explore. You may even find a beach that you have all to yourself. There are tables and benches at the parking lot, but we recommend that you bring your packed lunch with you to one of the taller points in the nature reserve where you will have a far better view. You may even be able to make out Marsten, a collection of barren islands far off the coast.


A large variety of species of birds thrive in this nature reserve and look for food in the shallow bays south of the headland. It also has the typical beach meadow flora one might expect, along with a handful of rarer species.


  1. Bobergs kustväg, Falkenberg