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There’s something special about beech forests. They are so big and majestic. Leafy tunnels with green roofs and carpeted in beech leaves. Frodeparken in Asige is just such a place and is perfect for chilling out or just being.

Take a trip

This imposing beech forest is a nature reserve and is located around 30 minutes’ drive from central Falkenberg. There’s loads to explore here for big and small alike. The Hallandsleden trail runs through Frodeparken, making it super easy to go walking here. Taking a buggy is not as easy, however, as there are many fallen trees throughout the reserve, including some covering the path.

Picnic area

There is a great lean-to in Frodeparken located along the Hallandsleden trail, a great place for taking a rest and barbecuing. Park your car nearby and just follow the super child-friendly forest trail all the way to the lean-to. There is also an excellent play area here.

A facinating history

In the forest you will find small cairns left behind from work that was done more than a thousand years ago to make the ground arable. At the northern end of Frodeparken you can walk the road to Kungsrör. There is a Bronze Age grave field at the summit. The largest cairn is called King Frode’s Grave where King Frode is said to be buried.

About Frodeparken

In the 1600s, Frodeparken was part of a larger area of beech forest that was still intact in the 1800s. There are beeches of all kinds here: young and old, living and dead. The forest is a sanctuary for a number of endangered species and some 30 rare organisms have been found in the area.

Frodeparken går bra att besöka året om. Vi har varit här alla årstider men under lövsprickningen på våren är det kanske som allra vackrast i denna sagolika skog.

Rough coordinates:

  • Frodeparken 56.85953, 12.84188
  • Lean to 56.86315, 12.82860
  • King Frode’s grave 56.86357, 12.84137


  1. Coordinates: 56.98263, 12.77679