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If you are looking to have a picnic with a breathtaking view without have to carry your picnic basic too far, Floastad is a perfect destination. Come visit in the autumn when the landscape is alight in a multitude of colours, or in the spring as the hepatica are blossoming.


Floastad can be tricky to find. Follow the signs toward Sumpafallen, but continue past and soon on the left are some signs for which you need to look. Park here, and then walk through the bright and stroll-friendly deciduous forest. Follow the path leading up to Skrabbabjär, which is its the highest point (105 m above sea level). It is not especially far to walk, so small children can certainly come along.

Beautiful Views

From the top, you have a magnificent view over Svartrå. The mountain slopes steep downhill, so be careful when walking here. You walk the last part up toward the top along an old stone staircase. Be careful here too, since the stairs can be slippery. They say that the mountain was once used as a ritual precipice in times past.

Spring and Autumn

Pay a visit to Floastad in the autumn in order to see a colourful landscape from the lookout point. However, the spring, before the deciduous trees have turned out completely, is also a good time to visit. That’s when you can see the protected hepatica poking out from between the previous year’s leaves. The bedrock in Floastad has elements of basic greenstone, which makes vascular plants such as hepatica and black baneberries thrive here.


  1. Koordinates: 57.10136, 12.66182