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Just north of the beautiful sandy beach in Glommen lies the Digesgård nature reserve. The open beach meadows are home to a thriving ecosystem of birds and plants.


The nature reserve consists of an open landscape with flat beaches and shallow waters off the coast. The beach meadows are dominated by tall grass such as lyme grass as well as reeds in the wetter areas. Other plants that can be found here include breckland thyme, hawkweed, sea thrift, sea sandwort, sand sedge and sea wormwood. The meadows also contain short, wind-pruned juniper and blackberry bushes.

An old quarry

The reserve is also home to Pannabohålan, three ponds which are the remains of a stone quarry. The stoned was mined here in the 1910s in connection with the construction of Glommen harbour. Water reservoirs such as these are crucial to a lot of plants and animals. For example, there are large and small salamanders that make a home for themselves in the pond cavities during the spring. During the summer, several different species of dragonflies can be spotted gliding over the water.

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Directions: Park at the end of Junkers väg