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Bergs Nature Reserve

The only thing you can hear here is the babbling of the brooks, the chirping of birds and the wind blowing through the trees. Go for a serene walk through this impressive primaeval forest.


After travelling on a gravel road leading deep into the forest, you get to the car park. This is the point at which you leave civilisation for a moment. A well-marked path of just under two kilometres runs through the reserve so you can be safe in knowing that you will not get lost.

Essence of the Forest

Old beechwood and coniferous forests grow here. The dense forest is impressive, and there are individual branches that are up to 40 metres high. No felling of trees has taken place here, so fallen trees remain and are covered by moss. The nature reserve is perhaps the closest thing you can get to a primordial forest in Halland.

This location is rich in plants and animals.

Here there are plants and animals that do not thrive in silvicultural areas. In particular, hole-nesting birds do well and there is an interesting and valuable lichen. Here you will also find traces of Storm Gudrun from 2005. The dead wood now forms important vital environments for a number of species, but keep in mind that it can be dangerous to be at the large uprooted stumps.

Take waterproof shoes

The area is located in an elongated slope down toward Ätran. The nature here is characterised by the high amount of precipitation, just under 1000 mm per year. So mind your feet since it is going to be a bit wet and the path crosses some small streams in several parts.

If you plan a picnic, you should keep in mind that there are no tables or benches.


  1. Koordinates: 57.072760, 12.789445

Vägbeskrivning: Skyltar finns från väg 153 vid Gällared. Du får köra ett bra stycke på grusväg. Parkering finns.