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Bengtesgårds äng

This nature reserve is home to a collection of mighty oaks and big hazel bushes within the beautiful deciduous forest. Take a stroll through the trails in the nature reserve and enjoy the beautiful sights it holds. Children are guaranteed to have fun climbing “the mountain” or the giant rock.


Bengtesgårds äng (Bengtesgård meadow) is a lovely and easily accessible destination for an excursion. At the parking lot, there is a dirt road on which you can walk to the nature reserve. The parking lot also has an open area with tables and benches. The terrain is accessible for strollers as well, so the whole family can join in on the picnic. There are also well-trodden paths around the reservation that area easy to follow. There is also a small toilet along the trail. The nature reserve is particularly beautiful in the spring when the fields are covered in a white blanket of wood anemones.

A meadow with a long history

Bengtesgårds äng is one of the few remaining protected hay meadows in Halland. The reserve is reminiscent of a historical landscape from a time where haymaking played a key role in farmers’ livelihoods. The area has been maintained with a scythe for a very long time. In the mid-19th century, the field was no longer used for haymaking and instead became pasture land. When it ceased to be used as pasture land after a century or so, the meadow grew back, but when the nature reserve was first established, the traditional maintenance was resumed in the eastern part of the reserve. The reserve has signs that go into detail about how the land has been used over the years and which plants and birds can be found there.

A lot to discover

The nature reserve has a number of impressive oak and ash trees as well as an abundance of hazel. Bengtesgårds äng has a rich bird life with around 20 breeding species in the reserve, including the tawny owl, wryneck and tree creeper. There are also several ancient fields scattered about the nature reserve. These ancient fields are clear of stones and smooth and were used for cultivation, many as far back as the Bronze Age.


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