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Nature reserves

Falkenberg is home to an abundance of beautiful nature and wildlife. There are sandy coasts with salty winds and the smell of seaweed, as well as deep and enthralling forests that hide secrets. There is an easy way to find these amazing places: Visit a nature reserve.


The nature in Vesslunda stores many surprises. If you decide to explore the entire reserve, you will encounter sandy beaches, heather-draped cliffs and pine forests. There are several lovely observation decks that give you a front row seat to the ocean view.

Morups Tånge

Morups Tånge is a beautiful nature reserve with an abundance of wildlife just south of Glommen. Both birds and people come here to relax and enjoy the peaceful nature. Take a break and enjoy your front row seat to the ocean view. And don’t forget your binoculars!


At Sumpafallen, you can stroll along the rapids or into the beautiful forests. The nature reserve is an extremely popular destination for excursions. There are plenty of picnic tables here, so be sure to pack a lunch and enjoy a quiet moment in peaceful scenic surroundings.


Climbing Smörkullen is a fun adventure for grown-ups as well as children. When you make it to its peak, you will find yourself 52 metres above sea level and with a magnificent view of Falkenberg.


Just north of the beautiful sandy beach in Glommen lies the Digesgård nature reserve. The open beach meadows are home to a thriving ecosystem of birds and plants.


This hidden gem with its beautiful lake scenery is located further inland in Falkenberg. The Fegen nature reserve is part of a larger conservation area that is split across three counties.


Located along the scenic coastal road south of Falkenberg, Grimsholmen is a must-see. At Grimsholmen, you can roam freely in nature, rest on the cliffs or go swimming in the bays.

Bengtesgårds äng

This nature reserve is home to a collection of mighty oaks and big hazel bushes within the beautiful deciduous forest. Take a stroll through the trails in the nature reserve and enjoy the beautiful sights it holds. Children are guaranteed to have fun climbing “the mountain” or the giant rock.