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Yngeredsforsen - Döda fallet

Döda Fallet (Dead fall) is a fascinating destination. Located in the middle of beautiful nature, there is plenty to discover and learn here about the river Ätran and the power plant chapter of its history.


Aside from taking you straight to Yngeredsforsen, the road between Askome and Gällared is the most beautiful in Hallandexternal link. Here, you can stroll down an exciting cultural trail that takes you to a number of sights by the ancient rapids. For a long time, the communities of the Ätra valley have exploited the power of the river. Traces of these communities can still be found by Yngeredsforsen. The signs guide you around to raft and mill corrugations, various ruins and the high dam levees.


The businessman Mauritz Hansson purchased the area in 1899 and had great plans for the rapids. He envisaged the creation of an industrialised community with a pump mill and power plant. However, financial constraints meant that it was only possible to build the power plant, which was completed in 1907. Wallenberg then took over ownership of the company and coupled the power plant with his paper mill in Mölndal.

Döda Fallet (Dead Falls) gets its name

A new power plant was constructed a bit upstream of Boaforsen in the 1960s. In order to get the best turbine effect, the water was routed down a tunnel that transports it a bit downstream. In connection with this, the stretch of water by the old power plant was drained, which is how the name Döda Fallet (Dead Falls) came about. The foundations and ruins from the old power plant still remain. Exploring these can be a fun experience, but be sure to keep one eye on the children as the area has a few slippery cliffs and deep gorges.

Enjoy the nature

There is a lot to explore here, so be sure to bring a packed lunch. There are tables and benches scattered around the area, as well as barbecue sites. If you visit the area after a period with a lot of rainfall, you may find the waterfall is as active and roaring as it once was. This happens when water is released from the dam to relieve the pressure that is created in connection with high water levels.

Forsande vatten i Döda fallet.


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