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Trollgrottan in Gnipeberg

Somewhere deep inside the cave is said to hide the troll’s treasure. Even if you don’t plan to go on a treasure hunt through the narrow, dark passages, Halland’s longest cave is guaranteed to be a thrilling experience.

Stigen genom skogen som leder till Trollgrottan.

Over logs and stones

Even getting to the cave is a little adventure in and of itself. You have to follow a marked path through pasture land and along the mountain. On your way, you will pass by boulder caves that were formed by frost blasting away big rocks from the mountain. Soon enough, you will find yourself in a fairy-tale-like forest with moss-covered boulders and dense vegetation. The last stretch to the cave is quite steep, so we recommend that you pack your picnic in a backpack. Once you make it up to the cave, look for the signs to point you towards the entrances.

Halland’s longest cave

The Troll Cave (Trollgrottan) is 38 metres long in total. There are three entrances leading into the mountain, with the passages getting narrower the deeper in you go. It promises to be an exciting experience that requires flashlights and great care. If you want to explore the cave, make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes that cover the whole body due to the risk of getting cuts. The cave is dark and damp, and the narrow passages are rarely more than a metre wide - and often steep, too. Do not enter the cave alone.

Myths and legends

The cave’s name stems from a time where people in the local area believed it was inhabited by trolls. For whatever reason, the trolls abandoned the cave and left behind a treasure of gold and other valuable items in big, hidden rooms deep inside. If you intend to look for the treasure, then beware if you suddenly hear something crow. Legend has it that the troll gold is guarded by an immortal rooster.


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Directions: From Källsjö drive towards Fagered. Follow the sign Ekomuseum and soon you will reach a parking lot.