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Höstena Källor

Witness a natural phenomenon that appears almost magical. Out in the round pond, it almost seems as though the bottom is constantly boiling.


  1. For groups: 0346-251 10

A natural phenomenon

There were originally three springs in Höstena, but only one has made it into present day. Crystal-clear groundwater constantly flows forth due to pressure from the bottom of the springs. Watch closely, and you’ll notice small craters in the sand where the water bubbles up. The sheer volume of water is so great that it has resulted in a small stream of clear spring water flowing into the Ätran river. The temperature of the water is always 8 degrees, no matter the weather and time of year.

A mythical place

Since time immemorial, the springs have been a source of fascination, and various sagas and traditions have been linked to the site. In the past, it was believed that the spring was bottomless. One saga tells the tale of a farmer who drove into the spring with his oxen and cart. They disappeared into the depths, but later emerged somewhere near Falkenberg.

Take an excursion

A sign at the spring tells you more about it and the legends linked to it. The spring is located in a scenic area by fields and meadows. Be sure to bring a picnic basket, as there are tables and benches for you to sit on.


  1. Koordinater: 57.007997, 12.645385

Directions: From Falkenberg drive road 154 towards Ullared. Get off at Ljungby and drive through the community, turn right into Höstenavägen. Then follow signs for Höstena Källa, Ekomuseum.